MSD Champion 1911 .45 Caliber Pistol
MSD Champion Custom 1911 - a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the .45 cartridge.

Experience the power and performance of the MSD Champion Custom 1911. This semi-automatic pistol offers reliability, accuracy and durability with a host of features in a compact size, perfect for conceal carry. The 1911 is chambered for the .45 cartridge and features a bobtail grip, 3.25” conical bull barrel, extended slide stop, extended safety lock and adjustable sights for superior accuracy. Bring home your own MSD Champion today to experience true carry ready power at your fingertips.

The MSD Champion 1911 is the perfect combination of power and concealability. This carry ready 1911 has a shorter profile than traditional full size models but still offers the same firepower and reliability.

It includes an 8-round magazine, making it ideal for personal protection in any situation. The Champion provides reliable performance with its crisp trigger press and low felt recoil, making it an excellent choice for concealed carry.

It features :-

-A compact size frame with bobtail grip,

– 3.25” conical bull barrel, -extended slide stop,

-Extended safety lock,

-Adjustable sights and a host of other features that makes it reliable,

-Accurate and durable.

The MSD Champion is a carry ready 1911 in a compact size customized for conceal carry that offers power and performance every time.