Fobus Holster have Appoint Authorised Distributor in India Gizmoway to make marketing and sales activities of our sole range of products. Gizmoway is authorised to act online, retail shop and/or dealers in India.

The brand ‘Fobus’ was established by the late Mr. Chanan Har-Shen in 1978, starting out with leather holsters. At the turn of the Millennium, Fobus International Ltd. was the first holster maker worldwide to introduce mold-injected polymer holsters into the market, contributing greatly to the holster & firearms industry. Today, Fobus International is Israel’s largest manufacturer of holsters, magazine pouches and accessories for small arms. Fobus products are used by police, security, SWAT, anti-terrorist teams and gun owners in Israel, Europe, United States and worldwide.

Fobus holsters and pouches feature passive & active retention systems, and include a number of product series:

  • Passive retention with/without retention adjustment screw (‘standard’ / ‘ND’ series)
  • Trigger Guard Locking System holsters (‘SH’ / ‘CH’ / ‘RSH’ series)
  • Tactical Holsters (‘EM’ & ‘RBT’ series)
  • Thumb Release Holsters (‘DB’ series)
  • Inside The Waistband Holsters

At Fobus, we offer today a variety of 160 different models of holsters & pouches, including left & right handed models, fitting hundreds of different pistols and revolvers, with all possible carry options: inside the waistband, fixed & rotating paddle, fixed & rotating belt holders and duty belt holders, thigh rigs, shoulder rigs and MOLLE attachments.