Glock 21 45 ACP – Semi-Automatic Pistol Handgun with 13-Round Capacity
Glock 21 .45 caliber made in India

The GLOCK 21 Gen4 is a powerful semi-automatic handgun designed for accuracy and reliability. With its lightweight design and low recoil, you can enjoy enhanced control over every shot. The Modular Back Strap system enables quick grip size adjustments to accommodate any hand size, while the reversible magazine catch makes it perfect for use by both left and right-handed shooters. Plus, it’s chambered in the popular .45 Auto round, giving you more power with higher capacity magazines. Trust the reliability of the GLOCK 21 Gen4 for all your shooting needs .

The .45 Auto is an excellent choice for personal defense, with its Safte Action System providing reliable performance. This pistol has a 4.61 inch barrel and weighs just 26.28 ounces when empty, making it easy to carry and handle quickly. The magazine holds 13 rounds of ammunition, allowing you to fire more rounds before reloading. And with its 28 N trigger pull, you’ll be sure to hit your target quickly and accurately. Whether you need protection or just want to practice at the range, this is the perfect pistol for you!

Holster for Glock 21

Fobus Tactical Right Hand G45CH Holster For Glock 20, Glock 21

Fobus GL4 Standard Holster for Glock 21SF ttps://

Fobus GL3 Standard Holster for Glock 20, 21