GunAlly Leather Ammo Cartridge Bandolier Belt Holder


GunAlly Leather Ammo Cartridge Bandolier Belt Holder


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GunAlly  Ammo Cartridge Bandolier Belt Holder 

This cartridge belt was just you wanted, good quality, durable and reasonably priced.Leather  cartridge belt.

Caliber Belt :- 

32/ 30 Caliber Hold 30 Rounds

44/45 Caliber Hold 25 Rounds

2.High-Quality Unbreakable HDPE Polypropylene Sheet Inside

3.Double Layer Pure Leather

4.Rust Proof Antimony Buckle

5. Safe to Carry Arms

6. 100% Chemical Free Leather

7. M  Size – 38 Inch Last Hole

    L   Size – 40 Inch Last Hole

★ Holds cartridge shells in the loops which are fitted to size and not elastic, so they will never stretch out.
★ Adjustable strap to fit different waist sizes .

  • Made of top-grain leather Steel finished buckle.
  • Well designed belt holds 25Round .45caliber and 30 Rounds .32 or 30 Caliber shells in popular calibers.
  • Cartridges are NOT INCLUDED.




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.32/30, .44/ 45